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Wednesday, October 20, 2021


You Better Be Lightning
Andrea Gibson
9th November 2021

A friend of mine read an early copy of this one and their review just made me want to immediately get it, except it wasn't out yet. So, my thanks go to Button Books and NetGalley early in this review because I am so so SO grateful to have been able to get my hands on an ecopy to read.

This collection is an arrow straight to my heart - it hurt, and I saw myself in it, and I felt things that I hadn't experienced first-hand, and sometimes I just damn revelled in the writing. Andrea is an incredibly talented poet, and I found myself reading quite a few of the poems in this collection out loud to my wife, just so I could love them all over again (I may have to preorder a physical copy, too, so I can do this all the time). Favourites of mine included: Instead of Depression, My Gender is the Undoing of Gender, Love Letter to the Tick that Got Me Sick, and See This Through. Though, honestly, this collection is just so fantastic that I don't know that I even need to mention specific poems.

I find that I can't really describe how this collection made me feel - within the space of one poem, I could be in awe at their writing, close to (or actually in) tears, laughing, and then thinking about my past and my future. I know I sound a little gushy, but I honestly loved this collection so much that I think I NEED to be a bit gushy - a few of these poems need to be dog-eared, and scribbled on, and then tucked close away in my heart so I can get them out and look at them sometimes, and just remember myself a bit more.

10/10 lightning bolts of love.

{I received a review copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and feelings are my own.}

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