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Hullo! I'm Bethwyn. I'm a writer, reader, and book reviewer, as well as someone who lives with multiple chronic illnesses. I write about all of that on this here blog you've stumbled across (or deliberately found). Welcome!

I've been reviewing books since I was a little'un, but on this blog for about 9 years now. I have been a panel member and coordinator for the Aurealis Awards for Speculative Fiction multiple times, and I received review books from multiple publishers including Pan Macmillan, Hachette, Allen and Unwin, and HarperCollins. 

As to my writing, I actually completed a Bachelor's Degree in Professional Writing and Publishing back in 2015. I have had a little work here and there for my writing on someone living with and experiencing chronic illness (see Tune In Not Out and Pillow Fort Magazine), but those are a little old now. I've also had some experience working as a freelance editor.

I have written two novels, at least a hundred poems, and more short stories and fragments of stories than I can count. I am currently just playing a little with some steamy fanfiction. As yet, my other works are unpublished, and I'm not sure whether I will seek publication. However, I do still like writing a lot, and I love reading, so I try to share things here on my blog when I can.

I am really just so passionate about books and writing, and also about being open about my disabilities. I would love to hear from you, but am also fine if you just want to lurk a little bit. I'm quite relaxed about this blog these days, as I don't often have the energy to update it. But thank you for coming by, I really appreciate it.
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