Milestones and Good Causes

Sunday, November 17, 2013
You guys, this is my 300th post on this blog! :D And I've now had over 9000 pageviews since I first started this blog! :O

I'm still really loving having a blog and being able to write book reviews and talk things out on here. I am so happy that people are still visiting and reading :) I hope to continue for some time yet!!

In other news, Ashley of HeyThere005 is amazing. And you need to watch this video. Because it is all kinds of amazing and makes me want to cry just a little bit.

Love to all who read.


  1. *many balloons and streamers* Hooray for 300 posts! And hooray for Bethii!!

  2. Awesome stuff babycakes. Congratulations! You've far surpassed my pageviews!
    I pledged $10 to Ashley! I (perhaps foolishly) sent her a message asking if I could ask to teach her airbending. Having watched the above video, perhaps I would have been better off spending it on a Skype chat to get like a twenty minute video lesson on. Alas!

    1. Thank you! :)
      Heee well I guess if she wants to learn she will seek you out! :D I'm glad you pledged <3

  3. Hi Beth! \o/

    This is Sandra, Asep's friend! use dropping by to say hi and awesome blog! :3 Been reading your reviews amidst my exam preparation, ahaha~ I just had to leave a comment in this 300th entry because it has charity and it was written in my mum's birthday. XD

    By the way, I've added your 3DS Friend Code. Hope to see you in Pokemon soon~

    1. Hello! Welcome! :D

      Haha I hope my blog has been entertaining :D And thanks for commenting! Aaand happy birthday to your mum! :D

      Thanks! I will have to get around to adding you as well, so we can communicate :D


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