Tea Review: Melbourne Breakfast [T2]

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Initial thoughts: This tea has a very pleasant scent. The vanilla in this tea makes it SMELL comforting. Add that to the already comforting scent of black tea and this is already a winner, without even taste-testing.

Taste: The black tea is very similar to English Breakfast, and has a slight bitter edge to it (of course, this also depends on how much sugar you put in!). However, then the vanilla swoops in and settles your tastebuds, soothing them into submission. The taste of this tea makes me give a deep, heartfelt sigh of relaxation.

Colour: Depends on your preferred milk volume. Very similar to any other black tea.

Recommendations and thoughts: I originally bought this for the way it smelled, and also the novelty of having a tea that represented breakfast in Melbourne. T2's different teas for different Australian capital cities is winning, and I have taste-tested a few different ones in their sample boxes. I believe Sydney Breakfast has a touch of bergamot, Perth Breakfast appears to be a combination of Melbourne and Sydney (I'm reserving my thoughts on this for now), and Brisbane Breakfast has a bit of mango or some other tropical fruit. This is mostly from memory, so check out the T2 website or your local store for more info. I think they may have pulled a couple of the unsuccessful cities... which says a lot.
Anyway, this tea is absolutely divine on a cold, rainy day when you're inside and trying to keep the cold out. Highly recommended with biscuits, a good book, and a blanket or obliging furry creature.

Overall rating: 5 out of 5 cups. At a pinch I'd take off half a cup simply because my body doesn't agree with caffeine so well.

Price: Available from the T2 website for $13.50 per 100g box at time of writing. Check it out here: T2.
I highly recommend going in to a T2 store sometime, as they give great advice and often samples!


  1. I must get this one, thanks to my body having a strong desire for anything caffeinated I rather enjoy black tea, the stronger the better. Adding vanilla into the mix sounds like an incredible way to bring something new and exciting to the experience, especially if it's cold outside.
    Thank you so very much for yet another excellent review on one of my favourite subjects.... Tea :)

    1. Thank you for commenting! This one is definitely lovely for cold weather - very calming and delicious. I hope you do try it!


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