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Tuesday, November 24, 2020


The Gentle Wolf
{Perth Shifters #2}
Pia Foxhall
13th November 2020

Full transparency: I am friends with and adore the author of The Gentle Wolf. However, all thoughts and feelings on their book are my own. Be warned, though, I have a tendency to gush about their writing. I will try to reel it back a bit for the less gush-inclined reader.

I read, reviewed, and adored the first book in this series, Blackwood, back when it came out last year. (Please find that review here if you'd like to brush up on your Perth Shifters knowledge!} And The Gentle Wolf... I loved even more.

I know, I'm a bit shocked, too. I wasn't sure it was possible to like something more than I enjoyed Blackwood, but I found I connected with the two main characters in this book even more. I have spoken before about how Pia's work is so immersive, and their character creation is just perfect, so you end up feeling like you're experiencing things alongside the characters and just relating to them so hard all the way through. This was even more true for The Gentle Wolf,  as both Aodhan and Thomas were so... real. Not that the previous characters weren't, just that Aodhan and Thomas felt like parts of me by the end of the book.

The storyline was a bit slower for this one, not as action-packed, but I loved this, too. Having both Aodhan and Thomas running their own business, and Aodhan talking about the different chocolates that he makes (I craved chocolate for a full week after I read this book), and the scenes of Australian bushland - it all combined to make such a delightful book that I wanted to savour it, to really be present with each part of the developing relationship, and to be okay that parts of it were making me weep from feeling seen (again. Pia's work does this to me.). Okay I'm getting a bit gushy again, let's move on.

Once again, I will mention that there are content warnings for this book, and this is a m/m paranormal romance, so there's some sexy scenes (which I love - Pia writes such amazing sex scenes wow). For content warnings, Pia has provided a list that you can jump to from a hyperlink near the front of the ebook, but there are some spoilers there as well, just so you know. I chose to be spoiled so I knew the content warnings going in, and I think that was what worked for me, but might not work for others.

Overall, I cannot recommend this enough. I really can't. If you have any interest in paranormal romance, please give this a go. You'll be supporting a lovely author, I promise!

10/10 chocolate truffles flavoured with apple salt and caramel and finger lime and fairy dust.

I received a review copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and feelings are my own. Thank you!

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