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Saturday, September 26, 2020

Time Turns
{Out of Time #4}
C. B. Lewis
16th September 2019

Okay, I actually didn't know this one was part of a series. So I think that says a lot about whether you can read this as a standalone - ie. you definitely can.

This story was such a ride! I kind of went in expecting a male-male romance, with erotica, and not much else. It actually has so much more to it than that, and I ended up feeling really impressed by it. Yes, it's a male-male romance, and yes, it has erotic scenes, but there's also transgender representation, a mystery, and some exploration of workaholism. And time travel! There is a whole lot going on here.

I first wanted to talk about the character building. I found it to be absolutely fantastic - both of the main characters, Danny and Lysander, are fantastic. I loved reading more about them as the story went on, seeing them interact with each other and support each other, and eventually begin to fall in love. The other characters in the story were really interesting, too, and I felt like I loved seeing snippets of back-stories for them as well. Everything just felt really fleshed out and developed, and I think part of that may be because this was a part of a series, but also it's just the writing style - Lewis seems to write characters really well.

I also thought the plot and the mystery that was built in to the plot were really interesting and kept me interested. I have to admit that if I am just looking to read a simple, fluffy or sexy (or both!) male-male romance, often I go in just wanting that, and too much plot or story can just make me feel a bit irritated. This didn't happen with Time Turns at all - I loved the romantic/sexy/warm fluffy scenes, but I was also really interested to see what was happening with story at large. Lewis has created such a fascinating world here - one where time travelling is possible, and also a business manager and a genius coder can find love. That is just brilliant to me.

Oh and the sex scenes were quite wonderful. And also - it was quite funny in places! Danny and Lysander's banter really made me giggle sometimes. Basically, I really enjoyed this book.

9/10 time-turning hearts.

I received an eARC copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and feelings are my own.


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