So, This is the New Year.

Friday, January 3, 2020
We're into a new year, a new decade, even. And I have chatted to people before about how time is relative, and we shouldn't just introduce new things, or try to move away from damaging habits at just one time of the year, but I have to acknowledge that there is power and magic in the new year - in new beginnings.

A few of my friends have practices where they look back over the previous year, say goodbye to it and close it with a ritual of some kind, and then look forward to the new year, figuring out what they want to put energy towards, and what they want to put emphasis on. I used to do this, too, but a few years ago I stopped. This was for a variety of reasons, but I think my main one was that my chronic illnesses were getting worse, and I was having to acknowledge that I didn't really feel like I could set goals for myself, because I wouldn't be able to fulfil them. But towards the end of 2019, I started to feel like I needed to let go of some things, and I wanted to enter the new year with intention - something similar to a morning routine that I do when I can (which vastly improves my day when I do), but for the entire year.

You will have seen my post about my No Buy 2020 by now (please click through if you haven't seen it and would like to!), so you may have some inkling of some of the goals I am setting/hopes I have for the new year. But, here is my ritual cleaning out of the old and hopefully bringing in some good luck for the new year.

Goodbye 2019
Less putting myself last, less expecting people to read my mind instead of advocating for myself, less treating myself with disdain or with anger. Less getting frustrated with my slow pace. Less worrying about what others think. Less attachment to suffering. Less stuff. Less disconnection.

Hello 2020
More compassion - for both myself and others. More taking a step back, going at my pace (not someone else's), more seeing each small step as progress. More hugs - for myself, for others. More connection, more learning, more creativity. More giving myself permission to rest, more engagement. More love.

I never really had much of a ritual around New Year's when I was growing up. I went to a few parties, even went and saw the fireworks down at the foreshore once (that was an exercise in acknowledging my fear of crowds, for sure), and have had a few spent quietly at home with loved ones (those are my favourite). I tend to celebrate the events on the pagan calendar more than the Gregorian calendar, but I think there will always be just a lick of magic in the turning over of a new year. If nothing else, it gives me some distance from the melancholy that descends over me during December, and in a way announces a fresh chance to start anew, to acknowledge the blessings in my life, to express gratitude, and to also - just maybe - ask for something from the future.

Happy New Year, everyone.

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