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Monday, July 1, 2019
I have decided to try and give a month-long readathon a go! I used to love doing readathons when I was in school, and I do enjoy doing them even now, but I find that without active participation online with other people, it can feel a bit lonely sometimes and I get to the point sometimes when I wonder why I'm bothering. But then I also have times (like with one of the recent Tome Topple Readathons) where I get a lot done and feel really accomplished!

So I wondered... if I made a blog post and just put my intentions out into the world, would that make me feel more like I am participating? I'm honestly not sure, but I'm going to give it a try!

First of all, let's get some of the details out of the way:

The Book Junkie Trials were created by Rachael Marie Book Junkie on YouTube and they are a month-long readathon where you fill out a personality-style test to find out which of the four groups you are from: Outlaws, Scribes, Bards, or Magi. Each group has a leader, and Rachael Marie is the Queen of the queendom overall. Once you discover your group (or choose!), you discover the path you are destined to follow. I tested to be a Mage, so my path through the queendom to the Bookie Grail looks like this:

So I have five prompts along my trail, which help me choose the books, and then I have to read them in order. My prompts (and chosen books) look like this:

  1. Orc Grove - Some say there is no talking to Orcs, but a good political relationships is needed. Learn some Orc customs by reading a book that is gruesome, gory, or gritty. CHOICE: reread Nevernight by Jay Kristoff
  2. Ol' Pirate Cove - Shiver me timbers. You shall be walking the plank if you don't learn how to sail better. Read a book that takes place, at least in part, on sea. CHOICE: The Odyssey by Homer
  3. Glimmer - This Isle is alight with gems and crystals, one of the most picturesque spots in The High Queendom. Make sure you fit in with a beautiful or colourful book. CHOICE: Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson
  4. Draconic Isle - Oh My! This island is swarming with wyverns and dragons. Brush up on your draconic knowledge with a book that features dragons. CHOICE: Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison
  5. The Bookie Grail - Here you find a lost manuscript, delivered on this forgotten island by a fallen star. Read the group book: Stardust. CHOICE: Okay, some would say that I have no choice here and have to read the group book. However, I have heard from some people taking part in The Book Junkie Trials that if you don't want to read the group book, or have already read it, you can read a book that features a plot line of searching for an item or something that is lost, so I have chosen The Fifth Season by N. K. Jemisin.

Other things to note with my being a mage - my ability is that I can bend time and was able to start three days early, but instead I'm starting a little late... I'm alright with that though! And my weakness? "One of their spells went awry, and now they are forced to read a book outside of their comfort zone." For this, I am doubling up: The Odyssey by Homer is very much outside my comfort zone, but also works for my second prompt, so efficient organisation I guess?

Hopefully you will see me reading my promised TBR throughout the month via my goodreads and I will be able to attain The Bookie Grail for the Marquess of Magi, Becca from Becca and the Books! 

I'm actually really looking forward to this. I feel a bit excited now from writing this post! If you're taking part in The Book Junkie Trials, please let me know in the comments! For more info, please check out Rachael Marie's announcement video here!

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