Picture Books I've Been Reading Lately #2

Wednesday, August 29, 2018
Here's another round-up review of some picture books I have been loving lately! Enjoy!

Bonkers About Beetles by Owen Davey (published by Flying Eye Books in May 2018)

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I loved the graphic design of this one - the whole book is illustrated with this beautiful style with bold colours, interspersed with facts and information about each of the beetles. My husband is not a huge fan of bugs, but I found this really fascinating, and can easily imagine myself as a child poring over this beauty and learning as much as I could.

Highly recommended for the littles (and bigs!) in your life that are fascinated by the animal and insect world - it seems this series also has books on monkeys, sharks, and cats! I may have to hunt those down...

Amazing Australian Women by Pamela Freeman and Sophie Beer (published by Lothian in late August/early September 2018)


There is a growing trend of amazing picture books and graphic novels featuring wonderful women - often these books are aimed at younger readers in particular. And I am all for this trend. This addition features Australian women, and I really enjoyed learning more about some women I had heard of, but never really knew about, and some women that I had never heard of in the first place.

The artwork of this book is bright, colourful, and friendly, and matches the words really well. Each double-page spread is basically a snapshot of each woman, and it works really well for the intended audience. A lovely book.

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