Book Review: Restoration by Angela Slatter

Friday, August 17, 2018

Title: Restoration
Author: Angela Slatter
Series: Verity Fassbinder #3
Publication Date: 14th August 2018

Synopsis: "Walking between the world has always been dangerous - but this time V's facing the loss of all she holds dear. The brilliant, fast-paces sequel to Vigil and Corpselight.

Verity Fassbinder thought no boss could be worse than her perfectionist ex-boyfriend - until she grudgingly agreed to work for a psychotic fallen angel. And dealing with a career change no entirely of her own choosing is doing nothing to improve V's already fractious temper. The angel is a jealous - and violent - employer, so she's quit working for the Weyrd Council an sent her family away, for their own safety. Instead of indulging in domestic bliss, she's got to play BFFs with the angel's little spy, Joyce the kitsune assassin...and Joyce comes with her own murderous problems.

The angel has tasked V with finding two lost treasures, which would be hard enough even without a vengeful Dusana Nadasy on her heels. And Inspector McIntyre won't stop calling: the bodies of Normal women who disappeared decades before are turning up, apparently subjected to Weyrd magics. Angelic demands or not, this isn't something she can walk away from.

And the angel is getting impatient for results..."

My thoughts: I have previously reviewed Corpselight, the second book in this series (here), and also interviewed Angela Slatter about her Verity Fassbinder books (here), so I have shown my love of these books already, but please allow me to wax lyrical once more, just for a little while.

Slatter manages to create such fantastic characters, and I think that is what draws me back into her books every single time. Verity in particular is such a magnificent character - strong (not just her Weyrd strength, but also how she tries to handle things head on, even when she knows it's going to painful), witty, and just flipping awesome, I can't help but love her. There are other characters that I adore, even when they are...morally questionable. Slatter just creates characters that are so believable - Weyrd abilities or not.

The detective work that Verity needs to do in this book is also so interesting - Slatter manages to give enough info so that the reader has theories, but not enough to properly figure it all out - the reveals in this book are just intense. And one of the biggest reveals of all for me, that I think is fine to share, is that there are more books in this series. I was still thinking this was a trilogy, but with some serious unanswered questions, I am just as eager to get my hands on the next book as I was to get my hands on this one.

I cannot really say anything else without starting to give things away, so let me just say: read these books. They are awesome.

{I received a review copy of this book from Hachette in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!!}

A favourite line from the book: "'So, what are you doing for a weapon?' I asked after climbing into the vehicle.
'Glove-box,' she instructed.

With some trepidation I opened the compartment to reveal a shiny iron war fan gleaming up at me.
'Oh. Nice!'"

You would like this book if: You love Angela Slatter's wonderful characters; you like a bit of dark fantasy with detective work thrown in.

Tea to drink while reading this book: Perhaps some peppermint to settle your stomach after all the revelations of this book...?

Rating:  8/10

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