little pieces of poetry #2

Monday, December 8, 2014
I recently changed phones, as my old phone was getting surprisingly slow and finicky in it's old age, and when I went through my list app, I found some poems I had written down randomly - usually during the night when I couldn't sleep. I thought I'd just write them here, unedited, and see what you guys thought.

Poem 3
I wish I could let love flow through me
Instead of grabbing on
But I begin to hoard if
As if I suspect it gone

Love can be all around me
While I retreat within
And yet my heart beats onwards
To make my defenses thin

I have a few windows
Of time spent with open heart
But it's an ongoing battle
That I often fear to start

Poem 2
I heard that once
A mother said
Of her dearly departed son

That 'his was a life of ten years,
that did not continue on'

I cannot quite allow myself
To grasp that height of calm
When nightmares of your death
Begin to plague me

And so, sweet love, the best I can do
Is to love you with fervor
For now
Come what may be.

thoughts and feelings welcome. love to all who read.

P.s. this is my own work. please don't reproduce/repost without permission :)


  1. I seem to recall hearing about the topic of your second poem - was it you who was told me about it?

    Beautifully written poetry darling. I love the subject of the first one in particular, and your eloquent phrasing.

    1. Yeh, she was interviewed on a show I was watching during daytime tv sometime...

      Thank you <3


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