Sunday, October 12, 2014
Hello lovely readers,
First of all, I swear I had no idea over a week had passed since my last post. I logged in just now to check what I wrote about last (my memory is like a sieve sometimes...) and then did a double-take on the date. October 3rd?! Seriously?!

Anyway, here I am!

I think part of the cause for my accidental hiatus was some news I received early this week. I was already feeling unwell and sitting on the couch trying to recover enough to go out to a friend's birthday dinner (made it in the end! it was wonderful!) when my phone buzzed to tell me I had an email. Remember how I was applying to for a refund for a unit withdrawal? (even if you don't, just nod and pretend) Well. Yes. DENIED. That was a bit of a shock. I had gathered evidence and worked hard on the application, so it was a bit frustrating and upsetting. We have decided to request a review, but it's still a kick in the guts.

I also spent some of the week on medical appointments (more next week) and getting blood tests and such done for some new symptoms that keep turning up. It's an enormous sense of deja vu, and it's actually really distressing for me. Not the tests themselves, particularly, though I would rather not turn into a human pincushion again, thanks. More the getting tests done and then (more often than not) having absolutely nothing to show for it. I used to always get tests done of all kinds and they ('they' being medical professionals) wouldn't be able to find anything.

It can get disheartening when you're constantly told there's nothing wrong with you, even if you are in pain almost every day.

I've been falling behind in basically everything lately, but I'm doing my best to catch up when I can. Uni is a bit pressing at the moment, but I know that if I can just struggle through I will have one more unit done and I can move on to my online units next year.

Anyway, that's what's happening with me! I hope to be able to write a few book reviews and maybe some tea reviews soon. Thank you for continuing to read my sporadic, rambling posts! Love to all who read.

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