{2014} August Reading

Monday, September 1, 2014
Books bought:
~ The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith
~ The Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen

Books received:
Aurealis Awards...
~ Blood of Innocents (Sorcery Ascendant Sequence #2) by Mitchell Hogan
~ The Other Tree by D.K. Mok
~ Blood Work (Night Call #1) by L.J. Hayward
~ Aftermath of Armageddon (FirstWorld Saga #2) by Christopher Jackson-Ash
~ Inside Out by Will Elliott
~ North Star Guide Me Home (Children of the Black Sun) by Jo Spurrier
~ Demon Child (Celestial Battle #2) by Kylie Chan
~ The Eternity Gate (The Timekeepers #2) by Traci Harding
~ The Shadow's Heart (The Risen Sun #3) by K.J. Taylor
~ Wall of Spears (Empire of Bones #3) by Duncan Lay
~ Bound (Alex Caine #1) by Alan Baxter
~ Obsidian (Alex Caine #2) by Alan Baxter
~ The Sorcerer's Spell by Dani Kristoff
~ The Shadow Master by Craig Cormick
~ Peacemaker (Peacemaker #1) by Marianne de Pierres

~ The Book of Days by K.A. Barker
~ Defector (Variants #2) by Susanne Winnacker

Books read:
~ Julia's House of Lost Creatures by Ben Hatke
~ The Rise of Aurora West by Pope/Petty/Rubin
~ Memory (Vorkosigan Saga # 10) by Lois McMaster Bujold
~ The Shadow Hero by Gene Luen Yang and Sonny Liew
~ Chronic Resilience by Danea Horn
Blood Work (Night Call #1) by L.J. Hayward
The Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen

This month was a bit of a reading bust for me, honestly - you can probably tell. I normally manage to get double digits - at least I have for the last few months - but this month I made it to seven... with two of those being fairly short graphic novels, and one being a children's book. Hmm.
I do have a fairly legitimate reason for not reading much - I've just been too sick to do much of anything. It has been really hard not reading much - and then, often when I was able to read, I'd just jump from one thing to another incessantly, without much pause. I couldn't settle.
The Aurealis Awards are well and truly off and running for 2014 - at last count we've had 23 nominations for our category, and we've already received well over half of them. So of course I managed to read one book for the awards... and then jumped into other things.
I suddenly had an urge for some decent Sci-Fi earlier this month, so I grabbed the next Vorkosigan book off the Kindle store and read it - I was having trouble finding the right order to read them in, though, but I think I'm there now. I also got part of the way through the 11th book, but didn't end up finishing it.
Chronic Resilience was an excellent book to read, and it appeared on my library's 'new books' stand at just the right time. I have been having so many problems with my health lately and still trying to move forward, so reading this was just excellent and reminded me of the things I could do to support myself.
Finally, The Queen of the Tearling positioned itself on my radar quite a few times before I finally gave it a go, and I am so happy I did. This is an excellent historical-style fantasy (it's not really set in our history, but has castles and queens and awesomeness like that) that took a little while to get into, but was definitely worth the effort.

I am still on my book buying ban at the moment - but I had allowed myself two 'emergency' books if I wanted. I have now used those - I purchases the Cuckoo's Calling to replace my copy that was given away (totally fine with this as now I have the cover I like), and then I really wanted my own copy of The Queen of the Tearling to read. My book-buying ban ends on September 20th, so we'll see how I go!

Have you gotten much reading done this month? What are you enjoying at the moment? Have you read anything in any of my lists above?
Love to all who read.

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