Spoonie Diaries #2: Body Aches

Tuesday, August 12, 2014
For just a minute, imagine that you have a really bad case of the flu. You're feeling pretty wretched and there's a lot of symptoms rolling around your body and mind. But there's one - usually alongside the constant cycle of hot-cold - that really makes you feel uncomfortable. Your body is aching ALL OVER. 

It's not just in one specific location, it hurts everywhere. It feels slightly like you've run a marathon, but it also comes with that awful sick feeling. That feeling like you have the flu in every muscle of your body. It permeates your thoughts and makes you feel awful. I feel like it might be closely linked to brain fog - with that pain comes lack of thought.

However, slightly differently to my post on brain fog, I can recommend a few things that can help. At least, they sometimes help in me. I have to warn you though that sometimes my body aches aren't just normal body aches (hahaha "normal"), but can be mild fibromyalgia, which I get occasionally. (More on that in another post... probably.)

Here is what I find helps:

  • paracetamol - I recommend this very warily. I am not a doctor, and I don't know how certain painkillers react with your system. Paracetamol are one of the lightest forms of painkiller, but you should always check with a medical professional before starting to take something.
    I find that this can relieve some of the pain and discomfort, and help me to sleep if that's what I need (it usually is). Sometimes, though, it feels like it doesn't touch it. So you gotta see how you go.
  • a warm bath - nothing makes the aches disappear like being suspended in warm water. you can make it as luxurious as you want - bath salts, bubbles, fizzies, lovely smelling cleansers, whatever you want. Or you can go the simple option and just buy some epsom salts to chuck in there - they are rich in magnesium and are very good for muscle aches, and skin/hair health.
  • heat packs/cold packs - I would put the edge on heat packs with this. cold packs are generally more for injuries or muscles out of control, not for body aches, but I put them here because different things work for different people.
    I personally prefer heatpacks - I have been known to have two on different parts of my body at once. Just figure out what is the most affected area and put a heatpack on there. Yes, they can mess with your hot-cold issues, but sometimes they don't and you can relax for a while. Play around with different things to get yourself comfortable.

Those are just a few suggestions I have for you. I am currently experiencing pretty bad body aches because of a bad virus, so I am using these things for myself. As always, my main message here is to look after yourself. Slow down, tune in to what your body needs, and give yourself permission to see to those needs.

Thanks for reading :)

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