Random Things: Music videos I adore right now.

Monday, July 14, 2014
Hello lovely people!
Today I am feeling like sharing some music videos I seem to have on repeat lately. Because, music and yay. Be warned though: all of it is Kpop or Jpop. Yay!

I am in love with Akdong Musician, or AKMU. They are a sweet little brother-sister duo, with awesome voices and adorable lyrics and I want their album, Play. I might buy it soon. eee!

This wouldn't be a list created by me without some SHINee on it, because they are love forever. This song, Breaking News, is one that I fell in love with on YouTube, rather than through the albums of theirs I now own. I still don't own this one on CD, but I love watching them pronounce 'Breaking News', and I find the dance in this to be most awesome. Plus, Key just looks amazing in this which made me love him more than I did previously, even though Jonghyun remains my bias~

Because G-dragon is the bomb, and you get to see him with crazy David Bowie-esque make-up, doing little dances, and did I mention a crazy white scarf womb thing that he wanders around in? (Okay, it probably isn't a womb, but seriously.)

Despite the overwhelming ego of this song, certain parts of the dance are ridiculously adorable/amazing, and these guys are freaking hawt. I forgive them for the ego.

That's it for now! What are your thoughts on these videos? Do they make you smile or feel a little confused? What music videos are you loving?
Love to all who read!

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