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Sunday, July 13, 2014
This month I have been - ever-so-quietly - taking part in Camp NaNoWriMo. Camp NaNoWriMo is basically a smaller version of NaNoWriMo in a way (National Novel Writing Month, which takes place in November and involves people trying to writing a 50,000 word book in one month), but during this one, you get to choose how many words you're aiming for.
I've been wanting to get back into writing for some time now, and it is still one of my biggest dreams to one day be a published author. Camp NaNoWriMo appeared and I was excited to try, given that July signifies a month off for me between semesters, and I also wanted to explore the idea of hibernation during Winter.
So, as all good bears must (that's right, I can be a bear, too) I took up my pen and paper (and by 'pen and paper' I mean 'Macbook') and began my story. Here are some things I have noticed about writing...

~ If you set yourself a regular time to write, it can makes things easier. For quite a while I was blocking out around 4pm to 5pm simply to sit down and write. Then I would get up and start dinner. I liked the sense of order that this gave things.
~ Sometimes I write more effectively when there's background noise, but most often that idea goes out the window. Background noise is distracting, regardless of what it is. To a lesser extent, you know what else is a distraction? Needing to go to the bathroom. Just go do it before you sit down, please. More often than not I would be halfway through my word count and I would need to save quickly and rush out of the room. Distracting!
~ Liquids are important. Before I start writing, I always make sure I have a bottle of water and a cup of tea nearby. This not only keeps my brain hydrated and ticking over, but it actually provides a welcome break every now and then. If my words are running a little thin, I just apply water and then things start to flow a bit better! In other words, if I'm trying to figure out what is happening in my book, the ritual of opening my water bottle or taking a sip of tea gives me a moment or two to ponder and gather my thoughts, and then I can continue on.
~ Yes, it is harder on some days. For the first week or so of the month, words were flowing through me so quickly that I was overjoyed. It made me feel so capable and joyous! Yes, I am a writer! Yes, I can write! And then you get to a day where writing is the last thing you can even think of doing. (Usually these days coincide with when I am feeling particularly unwell, like yesterday when I had a migraine, or today when I was recovering from said migraine.) But sitting down and opening up the Macbook helps. Every little bit helps.
~ Often I would feel better while writing... Honestly! Even just now when I sat down to do my daily words, I was still feeling pretty awful from last night's migraine and sleep deprivation. But while I was writing, I began to feel much better - energised, happy, and like I was doing something that I loved (which is true). Sometimes I need a break, yes, but other times my passions in life are just what I need.

That's about it for now! I might update again later in the month to tell you how I'm going, and I might not! It depends how I'm feeling about my writing ^_~
Love to all who read!

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