weekly glimpse #18

Sunday, May 18, 2014

currently reading: Demon Child by Kylie Chan... among other things.
listening to: I haven't been listening to much music lately, aside from SHINee and GDragon (mostly his One of a Kind album).
watching: looots of youtube stuff. I find MadeYewLook amazing, and then also watching my usual booktubers and vlogbrothers stuff :)
food: Xin and I are trying to eat a little better lately, so we have been getting lots of fresh food and making lovely things.
drinking: water, tea, blackcurrant cordial...
writing?: I've been having a bit of trouble this week just because there's been a lot happening, but I'm doing well enough!

the hard
: PMS. Like crazy.
: Finding out about a loss in our family.
: Tired and... tired.
: The Government announced its budget and many people I know will be negatively affected. And also, the budget sucks.
: Just wanting to rest and read and having a lot to do that meant I couldn't go sit down...

the good
: Time with my family and Xin and feeling happy.
: Realising that even though the budget will probably affect me badly, I am so supported and so loved, and so happy to not be in a worse situation (such as a war-torn or 'third-world' country).
: New book! Sent to me without my expecting it! I had requested it but I wasn't sure...and then it turned up! EEEE.
: Finding out that I'm on the Fantasy Novel panel for the Aurealis Awards again this year with my dear friend Katharine! :D Can't WAIT to get reading... but I also want to finish a few things first.
: Feeling fairly on top of uni stuff and actually managing to go to class! :D
: OH. And archery. archery is awesome.

what i want for this week...
~ I feel so relaxed and am getting so much reading done! :D
~ Comfort and love times a bajillion.

(update from last week: I was looking for faith, trust in my intuition, and contentment with being myself. And I feel like those things are coming back to me more and more, even while PMSing. It can be hard sometimes, but I love being me.)

mantra? be Bethwyn.

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