weekly glimpse #16

Sunday, May 4, 2014
Cinnamon: one of the cats I've been looking after...

currently reading: a few things, but I've been feeling a bit restless about them...
listening to: mostly cats play-fighting.
watching: youtube videos, Xin playing Legend of Zelda
food: mochi, muesli bars, peanut m&m's....
drinking: water and lotssss of tea.
writing?: yes indeed!

the hard
~ trying so hard to get to class and then not being able to.
~ then having both of my tutors say slightly snide comments when I emailed them...
~ although they may not have been intended to be snide, I am just picking a lot of that energy up lately because I am not sleeping well at all...
~ due to stomach pain and cats going insane at night...
~ basically, feeling a little overwhelmed right now.
~ breathe in, breathe out. letting go of all of the low energy and things that aren't mine.

the good
~ being able to look after Xin when he was sick, despite feeling unwell myself.
~ feeling capable of looking after the cats while also doing stuff for myself and Xin. feeling ever-so-slightly independent.
~ wii fit every day! fun!
~ doing things for me to help ease the worry and anxiety that has come with this week.
~ new fuzzy jumper that feels like a giant hug! plus, wearing the fuzzy jumper (did i mention it has roses on it) while driving around listening to g-dragon rapping and being awesome. odd combination that made me smile.
~ first archery class yesterday and it was wonderful! :D

what i want for next week...
~ I can do this. Everything I need is already within me.

(update from last week: I wanted all the kittehs, and I now have them. I just wish they'd let me sleep XD. I also wanted situations to be much simpler than expected, and they were! still wanting some more love from the universe, though.)

mantra? breathe and release.

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  1. Oh man, is it bad that just seeing the picture of the TV in the background is bringing up all kinds of cravings to replay Dragon Age?

    I love you. Thank you for your kindness and your care. It inspires me to be kinder and more caring to others, yourself included of course! <3


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