Social Saturation Point

Thursday, May 29, 2014
I have been thoughtful lately about my social saturation point. What I mean by that is: the point I reach where I actually can't be social any more, and I need time to go away and replenish my own compassion levels. To explain this a little better, please see this image from romanjones on deviantart:

To see the full comic, please go here.

The basic gist of the message, though, is that I love spending time with people. There are lovely people in my life that I enjoy being around and will do so for hours at a time. But I reach a point with many of them that I just can't do the social thing any more. In the past, I would start to feel really guilty, and then really angry. (I still sometimes do that.) I would stop being able to communicate effectively, though I would keep trying. I'd end up frustrated, exhausted, a little sad, and just longing for a little time alone.

I feel a little better about things these days, but it can still be hard to say to people 'hey, I need some time alone for awhile' unless they are introverted in the exact same way you are.

What are your thoughts? Do you sometimes find yourself craving some time alone?

Love to all who read.


  1. I totally get this, not only because I'm an introvert but also because my many illnesses cause me an awful lot of fatigue. I've been going through a reclusive period in my life since the beginning of the year, and I don't know what to think of it as I usually love being surrounded by people and my "off time" doesn't usually last this long...

    1. I definitely understand. I personally go through waves of being very sick/fatigued and not doing very much at all - and not WANTING to do very much at all. I'm lucky that I have a few friends that totally understand when I need time to heal and just be alone, but it can be very testing to try and push yourself to meet other people's standards of social involvement... or even your own standards that for whatever reason no longer fit with how you're currently feeling.
      I wish you all the best during your off time - I hope that it brings you some joy and that you can return to on time when you're ready! :D

    2. Thank you so much. I appreciate your comment as it makes me feel less alone in this. :) All best to you too

    3. You're welcome! Spoonies need to band together :) Feel free to comment or email me any time :) I can't promise I will reply right away, but I will always eventually reply :D and thank you!


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