weekly glimpse #12

Sunday, April 6, 2014
Pictures from celebrating Sakura's birthday on April 1st!

currently reading: Days of Blood and Starlight by Laini Taylor - a re-read in preparation for the third book, Dreams of Gods and Monsters, on its way to me right now! :D
listening to: mostly meditation music so I can try and get a little study done - every time I start listening to Kpop I get really distracted XD
watching: lots of cardcaptor sakura this week in celebration of Sakura's birthday! and final episodes of how i met your mother. Oh my goodness.
food: going to Solomon's cafe when I can for delicious noms, and otherwise delicious salads that my mum is making.
drinking: very partial to tea and Codral sachets lately, and also to Lola Berry's Kickstarter smoothie :D
writing?: did a little this week on a really old story called Dandelion, and then also been working hard on uni assignments when my brain will work.

general... (inspired by Havi of The Fluent Self blog)
the hard
: this week has been rife with physical pain and discomfort. lots of symptoms of ick and blah.
: having to go to my GP twice in one week just to get some forms sorted out for centrelink, and feeling (for the first time with this doctor) not really listened to and frustrated/upset. a breath for being let down by the system and feeling brushed aside.
: euch flu. and then euch centrelink while I had euch flu. euch.
: biiiig stucknesses and pain coming up about my health and feeling lost. again, pockets of pain from me-from-the-past. many breaths for pain and trying to move past it.
: being unable to do very much of anything for most of the week, and then having that add in to feeling behind on everything and frustrated and sad that this is still happening. a breath for needing to let things be.

the good
: even though it was difficult and uncomfortable to go to centrelink, it may have actually led to some good things happening. some maybe-I-can-breathe-a-little things.
: the doctor experiences of this week were a bit upsetting for me, but they helped me to realise how grateful I am to have people in my life that can say 'maybe your doctor was having a bad day?' and 'you can go in another direction if you want'. a happy sigh for people who give you a different perspective instead of getting caught up in pain and cyclical frustration.
: yes, there is pain coming up. it is hard to process and it makes me want to run away and hide sometimes (which occasionally i do because it is needed), but i am growing. and i am supported and loved while this is happening. 
: beautiful time with Xin during the week, and feeling so much calmer and heard with him around. feeling lucky. and so grateful.
: celebrating Sakura's birthday. oh man, so so good and I love it. I much prefer it to April Fool's Day :) mostly because it includes lovely things like sakura latte, green tea mochi, and lots and lots of CCS! :D

what i want for next week...
~catching up and feeling aided in that. remembering that i am an intelligent and hardworking person when my health allows it.
~sleep. more sleep please. refreshing lovely sleep.
~just gonna be cheeky here and say: presents. I want them. (i am mostly referring to things that i have ordered for myself and are waiting for...)

mantra? breathe.

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