Lazy-Bug Days

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Some days I get up and everything is just five times harder than the day before. It's not always because of depression or other mental imbalance (although sometimes it is, and I try to address that specifically). It's just something that comes up every now and then with my chronic fatigue that I try to accept and lead to what I call 'lazy bug days'.

(Bear with me, as that name only occurred to me today. Normally these days don't have a name. They're just days that suck a little bit.)

Basically on these days I notice when I wake up that I am feeling a little more exhausted than usual - I have woken up with fewer spoons, if you know about that concept. Everything takes a little longer, takes a little more out of me, and leaves me feeling blah and disgusting.

Often on these days I will feel like I have the flu - my immune system will be struggling and I will have some of (or all) of the following things: persistent headache, brain fog, eye pain or blurriness, muscle and joint aches (part of mild fibromyalgia, which only flares up occasionally for me), sore throat, coughing and sneezing/sniffling, general feeling of malaise and exhaustion. Sometimes the aforementioned mental imbalances will come into play because I had something planned for the day and I just can't get enough spoons together to go to it. Or sometimes I just start wallowing in what's going to be happening tomorrow, or feeling sorry for myself because my eye problems are making it hard to read, etcetera.

The main thing I want to say with this post is that when you are feeling this way (even if you don't have CFS or anything like that) the most important thing you can do for yourself is show yourself some compassion. It SUCKS that you are feeling so ick today. But tell yourself that's okay, and  then look after yourself as best you can.

If you still have to work - can you have an extra cup of tea at your desk to soothe that sore throat or just bring some comfort? Can you take some tasty lozenges in your bag with you? Can you get yourself something wholesome and healthy for lunch to boost your immune system? I even like to just take little plush animals with me to uni if I have to go, or crystals. It may seem childish to others, but I just don't care because they give me a little boost whenever I remember that they're with me.

What compassion can you show yourself today? I think I'm going to go make some tea...

Love to all who read.

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