weekly glimpse #9

Sunday, March 9, 2014
a super thick smoothie (spoon required) for dinner one night...

currently reading: The Cracks in the Kingdom by Jaclyn Moriarty... plus a few other things.
listening to: the theme music for Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker while Xin plays it... :3 anything SHINee.
watching: HIMYM Season Nine
food: superfood energy balls, smoothies (yes, EATING), chickpea stew... basically just trying to get my gut back in check
drinking: sparkling grape juice, water, coconut water, tea.
writing: mostly just notes and such for uni this week... occasional poetry.

general... (inspired by Havi)
the hard
: basically being almost non-stop since I got back from Japan. tired.
: missing Japan. having to readjust to the loudness (and occasional obnoxious attitude) of Australia.
: sudden problems with Centrelink. stress and feeling financially unsafe. not required ick.
: anxiety surrounding an operation I need next week. a breath for needing to feel safe and secure.
: trying to stay off refined sugar and then eating a gf chocolate muffin today and almost instantly getting a headache. blahk.

the good
: Japan was amazing, and my memories are sweet and comforting.
: lovely surprises and gifts from friends and family. a gentle birthday filled with gentleness.
: getting back into uni and remembering how much I love it. joy in learning and reading and studying something that makes so much sense to me.
: coming home to mountains of books! being so happy that I am aligned with what feels right to me by reviewing books.
: guys, did you know Pikmin are super adorable? because they are!

what i want for next week...
~ i feel so cared for and safe and secure.
~ it is so perfect it turned out like this!
~ this opportunity is ideal and right for me.
~ i feel so giddy and joyful about this.

mantra? I am safe. I am loved. I have everything I need to heal.

p.s. now that I'm back from Japan I thought we'd make a return to regular blog posts like my weekly glimpse! Also expect more book reviews, and maybe a few sneaky tea reviews! Love to all who read.

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