I'm back, baby doll!

Sunday, March 2, 2014
little Japanese sweets as erasers.. :3

Hello good people!

I am back in Australia and feeling super exhausted after not much sleep over the past few days (flights plus feeling unwell = lack of sleep).

I have been slowly introducing myself back to life here, and I (unfortunately) can already feel my experiences in Japan melting away from me. But that's okay. That's part of coming home from a holiday. What I can remember is the feeling I had while I was over there, and I love that.

I'm super excited to be home - there's many books here waiting for me! Lots to review and quite a few that I have gotten for my birthday. My main problem is deciding what to read first!

I'm also excited to be eating healthy again. I loved the food in Japan, but by the end of our trip I was feeling quite unwell due to the amount of gluten I had been consuming. My skin has suffered from my diet change, too, and I am determined to get myself back to feeling good before uni gets too busy. Lots of hydration and healthy foods for me!

I just thought I'd write this little update post for now, and then I will make the time this week to put up a couple of book reviews and maybe some more reflections from my time in Japan. I have missed blogging, but I also think I needed a bit of a break from it, so I'm glad I just let things happen as they needed to.

Anyway, off to get some reading done!

Love to all who read :)

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