Top Five People I Most Want To Meet.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014
This idea has kind of been sitting in my head for some time now and, while I am of the belief that I will probably never have any communication with the people in the following list, it would be pretty cool to meet them :D


1. G-Dragon

This one is probably most obvious to those that know me, as I am a little obsessed with G-dragon lately. (Please note: 'a little' may be a term that actually means 'super'. Just saying.) I am not just interested in his music and modelling, etc., but I am interested in who he actually is underneath all that. I read the other day that he was under contract from the age of eight - how does someone deal with so much pressure to not just be a style icon, but to be a role model for people all over the world? I would be really interested in knowing how he keeps himself together, and whether making so much money has changed who he is on the inside.

Also, he's a little insane, and I like that.

2. Darren Hayes

The first Savage Garden album was one of the first albums I ever got for myself - I adored the music and only realised recently how inappropriate it would be for someone in primary school to be singing the lyrics to 'Universe'.
Years later, thanks to a friend, I started listening to his music again (after being judged for enjoying his music for so long, I finally rebelled and basically stated - 'I like him. I like his music. I am a fan of Darren Hayes.' and everyone around me just had to deal. XD) and loved it even more than before. For some reason his lyrics and style just really speak to me, and that is my primary reason for wanting to meet him. For me, listening to someone's music is one thing - you feel like you can understand them from that point of view - actually talking to someone is completely different. Darren Hayes has inspired me to be strong in who I am and what I like, and I think he's an awesome person. It would be cool to tell him that sometime.

3. The 14th Dalai Lama

A friend was kind enough to get me and Xin tickets to go see the Dalai Lama speak while he was in Perth a couple of years ago, and it was amazing. He just radiates this aura of peace and serenity, and he is so happy - he has the best laugh! I adore his teachings and would love to be able to be in his presence again someday.

4/5 (/6/7/8). SHINee

Okay, yes, so maybe my TOP FIVE became a TOP EIGHT of sorts... but SHINee are just so wonderful! I love each of them for their own reasons - they seem to individual that I can even tell them apart by their voices (that is, I can tell who is singing a line at any point in a song). However, Onew is my favourite. Because... he's just so cute. ANYWAY.
I mostly want to meet these guys because they work so hard and still seem to have fun. I think it would be great to be around people like that. I want to see them in concert someday! :D

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