weekly glimpse #2.

Sunday, December 22, 2013
breakfast one day this week: coconut water, fruit salad and a gf raspberry friand :3

currently reading: Lexicon by Max Barry (Aurealis Entry)
listening to: Who You? and Crooked by G-Dragon
watching: Xin playing The Last of Us
food: sweet cacao nibs, almonds, and green grapes
drinking: water with fresh orange~
writing?: not much lately. a few blogs cooking in my mind, otherwise focusing on Aurealis stuff!

general... (inspired by Havi)
the hard
: the appointment I mentioned last week? Yeh. It wasn't extremely helpful and I realised I'd gotten my hopes up for nothing. needing to slow down for this.
: ended up having a surprise appointment on the same day as the other long-awaited appointment. it turned out fine, but still - a breath for feeling rushed and uncertain and unprepared.
: after the long-awaited appointment and the not-so-long-awaited appointment were over, I experienced a horrible crushing moment of breakdown and deep sadness. a breath for losing hope.
: because of the above, I had to go through a lot of stuff I thought I was okay with, and some stuff that I'm definitely not okay with. a gentle sigh for dealing with insecurities.
: not being able to sleep a few nights this week because of stomach and/or head pain. this is okay, but leaves me fairly unwell the next day.

the good
: I had so much support this week, and it reminded me that I can rely on those in my life when I need to. I am admittedly still dealing with this - there are too many issues associated - but I am feeling better about it.
: even though the person at the appointment wasn't able to offer answers, they did give me a herbal treatment to try and an appointment for a procedure that might give me some answers.
: I'm looking after two cute kitties right now, and they are quirky and lovely.
: I am also getting lots of time with Xin lately, too, which is wonderful.
: Reading is excellent. Always.

what i want for next week...
~ gentleness while I deal with what's coming up
~ the strength to confront what IS coming up, and to try to let it go
~ a spirit of play, so I can be playful while dealing with things that hurt
~ reading time abounds! (re-ask)

mantra? I am strong, capable, and safe. I am healthy and healed.

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