Assignment Season

Monday, October 28, 2013
I mentioned a little while ago that I was going to be a bit MIA with this blog and my youtube channel while I go through assignment season, and that seems to be coming true. I am glad I gave myself the space to do that because as much as I love writing for this blog and doing videos and such, I can't imagine trying to do all that plus complete assignments, readings, homework, and continue my career of a professional sick person at the same time.

And that's what I have really noticed lately: so many people I know and care for are going through assignment season right now, and they are experiencing high levels of stress and anguish over this. Some even have exams to prepare for after that.

Don't get me wrong, I am susceptible to assignment season freak out, too. Last week I panicked for days about the fact that I needed rest so much more than anything else, and built up everything I had to do into this ginormous ball of impossible, until one day I sat down and looked at my to-do list and realised I was actually pretty on top of everything.

So, I am just writing a little post to all those lovely people engaging in assignment season freak out times:

Dear lovely you,

I know there's much to be done, and I know it feels like an insurmountable task. I hear you. I feel how scared you are of failing, of getting it wrong and having to do it again, of not getting it just right.

I know. I hear you.

What if, just for a minute, you looked at this differently. You see it for the task that it is, not the thing that could mean the end of a career or the failure of your life.

What if you could see it as a little molehill instead of a mountain - a problem waiting for its solution.

Assignment season isn't about weighing you down and making you feel like you can't get there - that you'll never get there. It's about testing what you're made of, how you can work through something. And there are many different ways of passing.

And I think one of the best ways of passing is showing that you can stop and breathe once in awhile. That you can look at the rest of society caught up in the game they've made of life and just realise that your world doesn't rest on this assignment or on this test. It rests wherever you want it to - it is whatever you make it.

And for those moments where it all seems a bit too much, I hope you'll have the strength and the courage to just give yourself some time to rest. Because you know what? Resting is part of the process. Without sleep, we would function at less than half of what we're capable of. Without creative expression and joy? I don't know if we'd really be functioning at all.

So, my lovely person, I wish you much creative expression, rest, and joy for this assignment season - with just a touch of hard work and determination to balance, and some clear thinking just because - and good luck with it all.



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