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Sunday, September 29, 2013
Paper-cutting for an assignment, Listening to The Fault in Our Stars, Eating grapes. :3

So this week has been a bit crazy. There were so many things happening - both within me and without. I had a terrifying episode, and then a couple of days of trying to put myself back together. Since then I have been strictly back on my no-gluten no-dairy less-refined sugar diet, and man it's TOUGH. My parents bought these little butterscotch chocolates from Ikea yesterday and I have been eating so many OTHER things to convince myself I DO NOT NEED CHOCOLATE.

The thing is, I think chocolate tastes great and all, but it makes me feel sick later on, and why do that to myself when I could just as easily have something else? Cravings are a fascinating thing and I'm trying hard to just sit with them these days and observe how they dig into my emotions, making me think that I HAVE TO EAT THAT THING RIGHT NOW BECAUSE OH MY GOODNESS OTHERWISE I WILL CEASE TO EXIST and that just doesn't seem right when you think about it logically.

Anyway, other than eating healthy, I've been dancing along to my own little Bethwyn song - making a video, reading lots, finding new books, getting excited about the new Elizabeth Gilbert book, dressing up like a fox in a giant onesie with ears and a tail... you know. The usual. (That actually sounds a lot like the usual.)

I may also be getting a new mattress soon - hence the trip to Ikea. I tried out this one mattress and it was just HOLY DELICIOUS COMFORT, BATMAN and I realised just how uncomfortable my current mattress is. Weird, since I spend a lot of time lying in bed resting and fighting illness with naps and tea.

The weather continues to fascinate me by being perfect Spring weather one day - warm, gentle breezes, bees buzzing - and then completely Wintery the next day - like today, crazy sudden rain, wind blowing around, grey skies and that slightly electric feeling in the air.

I am enjoying it all, though, and spending more time outside when I can. I also managed to go to class on Friday - the first time in three weeks or something like that - and it was amazing. Yay going outside and seeing human beings.

Next week is tuition free, and so I am excited (yes, excited) to work on a written speech for my next assignment, and also hopefully get a bit further through my Aurealis reading (we have about 44 nominations at this point, so I'm staying busy!). I'm also thinking of cuing a few more book reviews for you guys as I'm still reading other things outside of the awards and have recently found a gentle but addictive book that I stayed up late two nights in a row to read.

So, that's me right now. I am feeling good about things, despite my little scare earlier this week. I guess part of those little scares is the opportunity to pick up and try something different, and to remember what makes life so awesome.

Love to all who read.


  1. Something you may find useful for chocolate craving is cocoa - unsweetened? I find that it really does give me what I want, that I'm not interested in the sugar itself at all, just the rich chocolatey taste, with the 2/3 water and 1/3 milk (I trade hotness for creaminess, but do as you will!) Maybe this is something that will help you? Usefully straight cocoa has no other crap in it - so it's gluten free :)

    1. I do something similar with raw cacao, which is basically cocoa but I have found in the past that occasionally cocoa has milk solids in it, which I need to avoid most of the time. Thanks for the suggestions though! <3


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