Healing Silence

Monday, September 30, 2013
More wisteria! Because... Wisteria.
I was just reading this blog post by Kiriko Kikuchi and it got me thinking about silence and meditation.
I have been neglecting my meditation practice a bit lately and I have to admit I've noticed a difference. I don't deal with stress or sudden changes as well as I used to. I panic easily, and I have a weaker connection to that inner silence and peace.
Over the weekend, I decided to try and get back into meditation - whenever I had the though and the chance, I'm going to try and meditate. Sometimes it's easy - I just slip down into that comfortable place - and other times it's really hard and I can feel that I have a lot to sort through before everything can relax.
Both of those ways are fine. And I think the more I accept that, the easier things will be. I will be able to accept change a bit more readily, and flow with the life rather than against it.

Anyway, check out the blog post linked above if you have a moment to read, and have a peaceful day.

Love to all who read.

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