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Wednesday, September 4, 2013
In the spirit of playfulness, a few things in this update will be anagrams of their original selves (this is a style reminiscent of dearest Havi over at The Fluent Self Blog). This is partly because some things are hard to say out loud ( black and white. Or pixels. You know what I mean!) and partly because some anagrams are really hilarious.

So. On with it!

General Updates or Erupted Lasagne

  • I realised about a week or two ago that I'm actually really happy with my life. Yes, my health could always be healthier, and being unable to work kind of makes getting money (Gene Got Minty) quite hard, so I worry about the future. But overall, life is awesome.
  • The above is because I am finally doing things that I absolutely adore, like reading, writing, studying, reviewing books, and getting my name out there as someone who does these things. [There was a substantial pause in writing here while I ate a really delicious strawberry.]
  • This week has brought up a few difficult things (Indict Fifth Slug) which has meant I've been feeling a little bit depressed (Speed Reds), but I bounce back from these things so much faster these days.
  • I am making efforts to attend to all different parts of my life - not just study and family, but spirituality, friendships, and creativity. It makes for a much happier Beth.
  • Finally, I have started dreaming of Spring things, and gleefully giggling over things that I can do when the warmer weather is here to stay - like picnics, reading outside, going for glorious walks, and playing with Bronte without getting covered in mud or rain XD
  • Things with Xin are going really well. We're still dealing with the fact that he's so busy and we get little time together, but I think we're doing okay. Part of that is because I had the opportunity to prepare myself for his absence in the lead up to his placement, but also because I am enjoying being busy myself with reading and study.

That's about it! Sorry about blog posts coming a bit later than usual - I have a few uni assignments (Insanest Musing) that I'm working on and so brainstorming blog ideas is kind of at the back of my mind. But I have a few ideas that I'll be working on soon.
Love to all who read!

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  1. Awesome anagrams! Did you come up with those yourself?


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