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Sunday, June 23, 2013
book haul!

Things have been a little topsy-turvy lately, but I finally feel like I'm coming back to a place where I feel comfortable working on my blog and my writing. I'm also reading up a storm lately, and loving every minute of it! Although I have something like five books on the go right now XD

Above you can see the book haul I got last Thursday from Dymocks. They were having an offer on Cassandra Clare books - three for the price of two - so I grabbed the ENTIRE Infernal Devices trilogy. Then I found Divergent - a book that I have been wanting to read for MONTHS, so I grabbed that too. And finally, I have heard great things about David Levithan, so I grabbed 'every day' as it had an amazing blurb and I can't wait to see what he does with it!

I will probably post more book hauls up here, actually. Not just for people to see what I'm getting in to, but also so I can keep track of how many books I'm buying/attaining!! (Note: there will be a lot in the next few months.)

Other than really getting into books, I have been finishing off things that I have started. Unfortunately my health has made it difficult to do much of anything lately, but I have managed to finish all the manga my cousin lent me (books 1 to 12 of Kamisama Kiss - highly recommend! Comment below if you'd like a round-up review, as the series isn't complete yet.), and I'm also gaming a bit more lately. I've completed about ten more levels of ilomilo on xbox 360, and I'm almost through my first year in Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns on my DS XL. At this point, I'm hoping to also complete Okami on PS2, another Professor Layton and some more of Pokemon Black 2 on DS XL. 

Speaking of finishing things, I also have plans to get through the DVDs I've been lent or given. I have most of Community season two, Claymore, a few Japanese dramas, some Ben 10, and a couple of movies besides. So, yeh. Lots. XD I don't mind if I'm not able to finish them, but I'd like to try!!

In health-related news, I have had a couple of bad migraines recently and, unfortunately, a visit from some paramedics during the early hours of one morning. I had a little fainting spell and lost control of my limbs properly (I won't go into the full story because it's a little dull), but they couldn't find anything wrong with me so I just spent the next day sleeping and resting LOTS. I am feeling much better now, so I am dedicating some more time to working on my blog!

What are your aims for winter? Do you have anything you want to finish?


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