Sunday, November 11, 2012
Dear Havi Brooks over at the Fluent Self blog (seriously, google her. She's amazing) needs her chrysalis time when she's preparing to welcome a new part of herself.
Gorgeous Leonie Dawson (also, super dooper amazing) needs her self-proclaimed sabbatical time to restore her inner well.

I have just felt this overwhelming urge to proclaim that this week will be a preparation, or a reparation week for me. I have been going through some uncomfortable emotional stuff, whilst also sorting through all of these old things and making room for new. I think I need time to just pamper myself, renew myself, and remind myself who I am and what I want.
Next weekend, Xin and I are going away to a wonderfully forested place to celebrate our fifth year of being together. (Yes, five years - really!) I am so excited about this and want it to be wonderfully restorative for both of us.

My writing has been going well, and I feel like I'm really learning and experiencing what it's like to do my dream job. It's definitely challenging at times, but I enjoy it so much. Currently hovering just under 17000 words :D

While my health has been playing up a little more lately, I am committed to supporting my body and my mind while I go through whatever is affecting me right now.

So, for the next week, I will be on 'healing' mode. Lots of yoga and maybe even some swimming! Good foods, good drinks, and lots of books.

Sending love to those who read.

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