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Thursday, October 4, 2012
sometimes you don't need a reason.

sometimes trying to internalise things from every angle is just not going to be your ticket out.

sometimes you just have to trust in your basic desires; in your intuition.

because your intuition is there to support YOU.

it can be hard to just listen to your intuition, as you can feel like you're ignoring the needs of others, or that you're being selfish.

stop that. seriously. by listening to your intuition, you can help yourself to feel more centred, more capable. and thus you are able to help others more.

sometimes listening to your intuition is difficult. it can mean turning away from things you wanted to do, or postponing them.

but you need to trust that everything happens for a reason. that if it's something that you really, truly want and need in your life, it will come to you.

i'm saying all this because it's something i relearn almost every day. sometimes not often enough.

life can be so topsy-turvy and, particularly for me, sometimes kind of blank in that i can't think or do much very often. and that means i forget that i still have so much power and potential within me.

that i am still so filled with love and hope. and dreams.

sometimes i just need to stop wondering whether i'll ever become a writer, and just be one.


  1. Sometimes reading your blog is like tapping into the stream of divine thought. You are so wise and inspiring.

    1. Thank you. I appreciate you saying that so much <3


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