Seeing the silver lining.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012
Okay, so today didn't start so great.
It seems I may have caught my mum's cold, which is making my head pound and, interestingly, messing with my poor stomach. I woke up feeling ickified, but I still got ready for work. I was about to leave when my best friend rang - I had messaged him earlier.

I called him back and he instantly realised I was sick, and became pretty adamant that I listen to my body and stay home.

I still carry a lot of guilt about needing to stay home so often - especially with a new boss that I want to help out. I keep worrying he's going to fire me, but then realise that I'd just try and find something else. It's confusing and painful to think about.

Anyway, my best friend made his case, and I definitely agreed with him. I started organising to stay home. But then I had to go in anyway to meet with an IT guy. XD I was at work for half an hour, but it was enough that when I got home I felt so awful.
Throat hurting, head pounding, nausea, exhausted - the works.
I lay down on the couch to read and ended up sleeping for about two hours. (NTS: when sick, my body craves sleep even more than usual.)

The day kind of got better from there. I finished two books I've been reading for awhile today, two new tops I won arrived in the mail, my results came out (two distinctions and a high distinction), and a possible amazing thing came along that I promptly responded to.

Right now, I'm a bit worried about work tomorrow and how I'm going to be feeling. I want to go in if I can, but not if it means infecting people or getting worse. I'm trying not to worry too much though :3

I'm a bit scared of my future right now. I've realised partly what I want, and that doesn't really fit with my current line of work. I don't want to leave them high and dry, though, plus I want to keep earning money. And I like my job - I really do. There's so much rushing through my head and my heart lately...

What's your silver lining today? <3

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  1. What a busy day full of high emotions! I felt an empathic sadness at your exhaustion and a rush of joy at your successes- I guess that's a bit like life, ne? I really hope your days are filled with more joys and pleasures, in spite of the potential difficulties and suffering.

    My silver lining? Well, there aren't really many clouds in my day, but I'm looking forward to a whole day at home. I have so much I'd like to do and enjoy, like my tax return, sorting through school files, applying for Centrelink, playing Mario Party and going to training. It may not sound very fun, but it gives me a sense of great pleasure to get this all done before placement starts.

    Love you!


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