Friday, June 15, 2012
hello my dears,

it seems I took a little impromptu break from blogging - things have been so hectic and then so painful that I just haven't had the presence of mind to even consider writing something here.
work has been full-on, I finally finished my last essay for first semester, and then all the adrenaline left my body and I was left feeling exhausted and in pain. my chiropractor had to make a huge adjustment of my spine, and then I caught a weird virus which meant I missed a conference I'd been looking forward to.
The last three days have been mostly about me lying still so I don't get too dizzy or nauseous, and groaning about my head, and bemoaning the fact that I can't read. (I honestly don't know how my family and partner have put up with me XD)

I have little precious ideas and plans on the horizon, but first I need to focus on really getting past this virus so I can move forward. Today I've managed to reorganise a couple of things that have been bothering me, which is wonderful, but I believe I should go back to resting on the couch soon :) One of the precious projects is to do with gratitude, but I'll keep it to myself until I can organise things a little better.

sending love to all who read <3


  1. Dear Beth,
    I got your lovely present! It's been a rough start to the week for me, so that was a welcome tiny, precious thing. How did you know me so well as to choose something I'm still delighting in and squeeing over? ♥

    I've been talking to some other lovely people, and I have a Plan. ^_^ Would it be okay to e-mail you about it and see if you'd like to be on this pirate ship as often or as little as you choose? :) I value your way of looking at things and plus, your lovely self always adds a bit of quiet grace. ^_^

    1. Dearest Jess,

      I'm so glad it got to you and that you like it! It's one of my favourite magazines (in fact... probably my favourite!), so I'm so glad you get to join the ranks of lovely people who squee over Peppermint! :D

      I'd be happy to hear about and perhaps be involved in your plan <3 Just let me know <3

    2. Dearest Beth ♥


      Thank you for your wonderfully supportive words. ^_^ I have sent you a joyful e-mail full of play and all kinds of things, and a gwish or two. :) It is much longer than I expected, when I first started writing it, but do not worry about responding promptly, for I hope for my e-mail to give you the same joy I get when you text or e-mail me with goodness and wonderful things that are happening for you. ♥


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