Tuesday, May 29, 2012
okay, I may be a bit crazy right now because HEY I MANAGED TO GET THROUGH TWO STRAIGHT DAYS OF TRAINING WOOOOOO so I apologise for random outbursts. They may happen.

This week is probably going to be relatively large, but I'm doing SO WELL with it so far that I'm just going with the flowwww. 
I'm really enjoying so many things. The training was actually REALLY GOOD. Even though I was learning about Microsoft Access for work, it was awesomely set out and I was enjoying it. The view from where I was sitting was freaking awesome, I got to have lunch in a lovely little Japanese place and really savoured my foods, I smiled at people as I walked to the bus to go home, I'm really getting in to the book I'm reading right now... And I've been helping people in my life! Being useful is such a wondrous feeling <3

And now, to some fun things that I've found through different mediums:

http://sugarcrisp.viewbook.com/album/sakuramadelica-2012#1 MANY pictures of cherry blossoms! :D

http://www.stoneandhoney.com/shop/rose-aura-gold-p-374.html WANT.

http://elisabethstone.blogspot.com.au/2011/06/minty-peach-tea.html sounds yummm <3

http://peppermintmag.com/tassie-hearts-hens/ yay for the love of chickens :D

And, finally, some pictures of cute things to get you suitably snuggly for the cold night...

Picture source: onetwo, and three

Love to all who read!

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