Thursday, May 17, 2012
There has been an alarming pattern occurring in my life over the last few weeks. (Granted, there are quite a few, but this is one that I'm realised just now..) I start the week pretty well. 

Mondays I have acupuncture, do some study, and rest. I see Chris, my most wonderful best friend. Sometimes I see Xin on Mondays too. It's all very restful and lovely.

Tuesdays I've been starting the day in a restful manner, then head to work in the afternoon. I work, have my supervision session with my boss, and then come home. I'm usually quite tired, but okay.

Wednesdays I sometimes go to class in the morning, but lately I've been  taking that time to myself too, unless I have a test. Then there's work in the afternoon, but just for three hours.

By the time Thursday and Friday hit, suddenly I'm exhausted, sick, and low. I can't handle going to work and, if I do go anyway, I feel horrible. Friday also has a class in the afternoon which is difficult to get to, but I have to go because of a presentation (this week, anyway).

Over the weekend, I do my best to recover. I try to rest as much as my body demands, while also trying to get study done. By Monday, I'm usually feeling tired, but okay. Then the whole cycle starts again.
Today, I lie in bed writing this post. I am feeling pretty icky. Not absolutely horrible, but enough that I can't really process very much. My head is pounding, I'm feeling nauseous, everything aches, and my glands feel giant.

And yet, I have been feeling the tricklings of inspiration coming into my private well lately. I have decided to start a new story - in fact I started it last night. I've also decided that I will be posting installments of my writing on either this blog or a new one that I will link to, so that people I know can read my writing. I don't know where this is going to lead me, but I'm following the trail because it lights me up inside.

Health is important to me. Why do I have to keep learning that?

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