Dealing with stress.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012
Sometimes stress is just there all the time. This last month of uni has been quite crazed for me - and I'm not even half way through it yet (though I'm close!). I love studying, and I really enjoy work, but with it all just impounding on me continuously - pretty much non-stop - lately, I've been having trouble keeping my stress under control.

My main tactics: 

  • acknowledging that the stress is there - that's pretty important for me. If I don't acknowledge that  I'm stressed then it's like I have to keep going and going and going until I drop. Which doesn't work well for me.
  • thinking about why I'm stressed - in terms of this, I don't mean wallowing in it and allowing myself to get even more stressed, I mean consciously taking note of the things that are making me stressed, and also realising that it may not be what is just in front of me - it could be that I'm feeling a bit sick, or that I need a snack, or maybe it's just because my hormones are going crazy! Just realising that it could be something else takes me out of the situation.
  • trying things that bring me happiness - reading blogs I like, journalling, drinking tea, holding a crystal, talking to someone I love, or even just checking my private emails can make me feel better.
  • breathing. focusing on the breath is SO important to me. If I bring my attention to my breath, it's suddenly so much easier to get through things.
  • going for a walk - this is a bit harder now that it's been raining so much, but it's definitely something that still helps.
  • listening to music - this should have been earlier, but the thing is that music is a huge thing to me. it can alter my mood so significantly. I can be perfectly happy and then I listen to a song that tugs at my heartstrings and suddenly it's like I can't stop crying. So picking the RIGHT music is big for me.
  • reading - <3 <3 <3

that's all from me for now. I'm hoping to keep coping with the stress until semester finishes - I'm only going to do two units next semester instead of three which means yay! but hopefully I'll do well enough otherwise :)

love to all who read. <3

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