Acupuncture adventures #2

Monday, May 7, 2012
So I just got back from my second session of acupuncture. Feeling a bit sore and quite tired... I'm still not entirely sure whether it's having an effect, or whether I even like it, but it's interesting and I'm willing to try it out if it gives me some relief from symptoms.

Lately, because I've been dealing with a lot of stress (lots of Uni assignments + work) my body has been rebelling a bit. I'm having to take more and more time to rest and recuperate - I had about three migraines in five days last week. Not fun. Plus I'm getting a lot of pain in my stomach, and, the one that's really giving me the hint that this is stress related, I'm getting awful ulcers in my mouth. Owie.
I'm trying really hard to plan my week accordingly and treat myself with the utmost care - as much as I can muster. But I still have to fulfil obligations like work and getting assignments done. I must admit that I believe a lot of this stress will go away after all my group work is complete, as my group members are giving me more stress than is necessary. I'm almost at the point where I don't really care of our presentations suck - I just want them over with so I don't have to communicate with my group members again. I can just focus on writing my essays. That's going to be lovely. >dreams<

Anyway, as such, I'm only allowing myself an hour and a half of computer work today. I've already used about half an hour, so I better get onto getting my second powerpoint all done so I can rest for the remainder of the day.. The reason I'm lowering my computer hours is because I find that more computer time = more likelihood of getting a migraine or feeling gross. Plus I sit in front of the computer pretty much the entire time I'm at work, so I need to take a break from it occasionally!

Love to all who read <3

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