VPA: the fourth of feb.

Saturday, February 4, 2012
thanks goes to Havi Brooks of the Fluent Self Blog as per usual...

thing one: feeling not so sick and exhausted
what I want
I have been feeling a bit icky and horrible since about Monday last week... I had to take a little bit of time off work because of it. And then I had to push through other work shifts despite it. and now I have a weekend in which to rest and try and work on it a little bit.
how this could happen
well, I was resting on my day off yesterday, and now I have a weekend with hardly anything in it (aside from a chiropractic appointment this morning which I believe helped anyway!). I have pillows, books, journals, my bed! my chair! movies and tv series. and my lovely boyfriend, who is in need of a bit of rest himself.
my commitment
to listen to my body. to try and get as much good stuff into it as possible. to feel GOOD and SHINY.

thing two: gaining back my inner light
what I want
some days I'm feeling it. But other days it's like it has gone on holiday without saying goodbye. (though that sounds like fun~). I want to feel that shiny, bubbly little light inside myself that just makes me go YAY about everything that I love. I have had moments of it, but I sincerely miss the times when it was just around all the time and, regardless of whether I was tired from something or feeling a bit sick, I was still feeling very yay about my options.
how this could happen
the usual suspects. being creative in some way. listening to meditations. reading inspiring books. immersing myself in the spiritual world. reading oracle card spreads. writing. :) yoga! tai chi?
my commitment
to listen. to try. to feel and to work through any ickyness that comes up.

thing three: work clothes
what i want
as I have recently started a new job, I've been wearing a lot more of my 'professional' clothes and it has become apparent that, because I have lost about five or so kilos, a lot of my skirts and such either fall off or just look very odd on me. I need some new ones! and I need some specifics, like a black business skirt and black pants... and more shirts!
how this could happen
I have gotten many of my best (and most well-loved) business clothes from op-shops and, as I don't have much money at all, I'm thinking that's the way to go! I'm a bit excited, but I'd just like to put it out into the Universe that I would really love some good finds to be there for me, and for it not to be too intensely hard to find them.
my commitment
to finding the RIGHT THINGS and holding on to them. to not allow myself to feel judgemental about my body or the things I like. to feel the excitement of op-shopping! ^_^

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