21 Day Meditation Challenge

Wednesday, February 22, 2012
The Chopra Center has begun it's 21 day meditation challenge - and this time I'm taking it! The lovely Xin sent me a link for it and we both signed up. Today was day three. As we're a bit out of sync time-wise (the Chopra Center is in America I believe), I tend to do my meditations after work when I get home. Here are my notes from the past three days:

Day One

Date:20 February 2012
Title:First meditation
Text:I found the So Hum meditation much deeper than I expected - I have done it before, and, while I don’t have too much of a problem with my ’monkey mind’, I do still notice thoughts coming up of things I want to do/need to do, and having to draw my attention back to my breath and saying So Hum in my mind. An interesting first meditation. Looking forward to the next one!

Day Two (please ignore formatting and font problems - I am being lazy XD)
Date:21 February 2012
Title:Second Meditation
Text:I found this one very interesting. It wasn’t hard to think of everything that I thought I owned... but then I found myself disputing it. Do I really ’own’ this relationship/object/emotion? It was interesting and gave me pause for thought. Still enjoying the challenge!

Day Three
Date:22 February 2012
Title:Third Meditation
Text:This one was interesting, too, but in a different way. I have been having problems with my stress levels lately, and I forgot (again) about mindfulness and being in the NOW. This really helped with remembering.
During the meditation I had the most peculiar sensation of parts of my body (particularly my hands and arms) getting very very warm. It was a pleasant sensation, like healing, and I willed it to move down towards my feet too.
I’m still having a bit of trouble with sitting with my eyes closed for so long, but I’m getting there. :)

Love to all~ <3

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