Hello December!!

Sunday, December 4, 2011
So, I said Goodbye to November, so it only follows that I say a big Hello Hello to December!! So hiii! :D

I'm going to do this in complete enthusiasm mode, since I had such a lovely day. I might even write a post after this one about feeling lovely. We'll see! <3 Off we goooo~

December, I am looking forward to these things about you...
  • Gotye!! He's coming to the Swan Valley! And there's going to be a big double date with me and Xin and another beautiful couple and we're going to go see him play! Wheeee! :D
  • Going swimming! Because I've decided just now that I NEED to go swimming. And soon. :D
  • Beach-times! Because everyone knows that summer is awesome for beach-times. As is winter but for ENTIRELY different reasons.
  • CHRISTMAS. Spending time with my family! BOOKS. SPENDING TIME WITH XIN! There is so much excitement here.
  • Working on things that I have been squirreling away for awhile. Preparing and carefully checking. Being playfully sneaky. ^_^
  • Summery dresses and skirts. Blue skies and cool drinks! More Iced Tea! ^_^
  • Gentle walks in the evening (and maybe the morning) when the weather is slightly cooler.
  • Spending time with gorgeous friends <3
December, this is what I want to experience with you...
  • Love
  • Preparation
  • Growth
  • Comfort in the face of Great Heat
  • Escaping!
  • Progressing
  • Reflecting
  • Warmth (of the friendship kind)
  • Connection
  • Expression!
  • Foods!
  • Glitter!
  • Hats!!
  • Creativity <3
  • Joy and Merriment <3
  • Gentle naps and times of reading and beauty
  • Surprises!
Planting Gwishes...
Another Havi invention, gwishes are somewhere between a goal and a wish. However, since these are so tiny and sweet and precious to me, they will be whispered into my workbook with the assistance of scented glitter gel pens ^_^

Love! <3

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  1. Also such a lovely post :D I am now up to date enough on All The Things that maybe I can try something like this too :D


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