Friday Chicken: Only a day late...

Saturday, November 26, 2011
Good morning readers! If there are any readers out there XD Regardless, good morning!

This ritual is one taken from the lovely Havi (you can see her beautiful blog here!).

Let's go!

The hard stuff...
Wear and tear.
There was a little bit of physical blargh this week - not too much, and nothing I couldn't handle. But still blargh.

It seemed like I was going from being super happy with everything in my life one moment to feeling absolutely alone and empty the next. Not fun.

Difficult decisions and thoughts.

People being forgetful.
I could rage a lot more about this but, the truth is, everyone is human. Forgetting stuff is just what happens sometimes. And that's okay. Apologies have been accepted and consequences must also be so. Still not good to go through when the thing being forgotten is something important to me D:

BEING STUPID. And making me feel even more alone than I actually am. Silly technology. D:

I've been grumping a bit. Just a bit! But it's made things hard sometimes, and made me feel not at all like my bright, shiny self. (More dull and icky.)

The good stuff!
How I adore them! As evidenced by my previous blog post - the beauty of certain friendships continues to astound and hearten me! :D

Inner power.
Cultivation of. Experience of. Loving of. Everything being bright and shiny and yay!

Beautiful books.
Books give me meaning and inspiration. And connection! <3

Having Xin back for myself.
And planning to make time to just sit down and talk and connect and feel lovely together. I love this man so much. <3

For others! And some for myself :D The beauty of thinking and planning a present for a friend/family member, and then finding the perfect one! And then getting it! And giving it to the person!! Oh such a wonderful feeling.

This really should have been top of my list, but oh well. I ADORE my Naturopath so much - she makes me feel calm, collected, and almost blissfully floaty. And plus, things are working! I have energies! And an immune system!! And my digestive system doesn't hate me as much!! My goodness, I could rave about this forever...

In all different forms. <3

My feelings, my happiness (which is a feeling but shush), my excitement! Sharing things I've found and having people go YAY with me! Being okay with wanting things for myself and sharing these with others too.

That's all, lovelies! Hope you have a gorgeous weekend <3

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