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Monday, October 24, 2011
Oh thankyou to Havi Brooks of The Fluent Self blog (go here!) for being wonderful and sharing some beautiful rituals with the world!

Okay, let's do this thing!

Thing One: Empowerment.
What I want: I've been awesomely brave and understanding and such through a lot of different things that are happening lately - I've actually surprised myself! Which is a wonderful experience. But I feel that I'm going to need a little bit of extra help to keep going through things this way. This may not have to come from others, though, as much as from myself.
How this could happen: I could discover a blog post, or a series of blog posts, about something so unique and perfect for this situation. Ditto for a book - or perhaps music!
Someone could suggest something that's worked for them, and that may become perfect for me.
Meditation, yoga, tai chi! Let's get our beautifying caps on!
My commitment: To myself and my own power. To being strong, but recognising when I need to be gentle, too.

Thing Two: Grace
What I want: There's a chance that a decision or two relating to me and my wants is going to be made very soon, and I need to cultivate the grace to accept whatever that decision may be - especially if it turns out to be not quite what I wanted to begin with.
How this could happen: Not overthinking it, but putting some energy towards being able to accept it. Remembering that, despite whatever the decision is, I am still me, and I'm still awesome.
My commitment: To be kind to myself, and not resent others involved. To remember what I fought for, and be proud of myself for trying.

Thing Three: To find the words.
What I want: Again, decisions and such. There are a few things that require my pen, and my sincere words. And perhaps a gift or two, but these also need to be well-thought out, appropriate, and meaningful.
How this could happen: Thought. Research. Just feeling what I need to feel, and trying to frame it. Perhaps some inspiration?
My commitment: To remember that I AM a writer, and I do sometimes have a way with words. To remember that heartfelt words are often worth more than any gift.

Okay, so. Last time. I wanted to investigate doing some modelling stuff, to celebrate the 'yay! I like the way I look' feeling that I've had for the past year or so. And there's been some progress on that. Been chatting to a few friends, so yay :D

The yoga-in-progress sign has not really come around, but I'm working on that. I'm sure I'll find something :)

In terms of more exam/study support and progress, I've surprised myself in receiving it from myself. I've not pushed myself to do more than I want, and that's leaving me satisfied and pleased with how things are going. Can't wait til that last exam is over! ^_^


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