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Thursday, October 6, 2011
why hello! I have been a bit away from this blog for awhile - focusing on fostering health and progress in other areas. Anyway! On with the show!

Thing One: Modelling
What I want: Well, I've been considering this for awhile. Since about April this year I believe. I've been feeling really comfortable and happy in my own body for a few years now (at least two) and I wanted to ...I guesss... share this? Through having some shots taken of me. I've mostly been putting this off for a few main reasons: I can be paaaaiinfully shy sometimes; I wanted someone to WANT to take shots of me, but that doesn't seem to be happening; I want a photographer that I feel relaxed and comfortable around; and, I guess I wanted a theme or something before I went in. It felt strange just to think about getting some shots done just...because? But that can be valid too...
How this could happen: Right now, I'm talking to a friend of mine about her experiences and how much she enjoys getting shots taken of her. It's quite inspiring.
But, other than that, I'm just putting it in the pot. And hoping. I might even post on facebook and talk to a few of my photography-enthusiast friends and such about what I want.
But right now, just putting the want out there.
My commitment: To figure out what I want, and be okay with that wanting. To remain committed to the groundedness and happiness I feel for the way I look. <3

Thing Two: Yoga-in-progress Sign.
What I want:
I've been really enjoying my progress and ....hmm I need a  word here. Growth? That'll do for now. My GROWTH in yoga, lately. And I just feel that part of the process should be that I have a little sign to hang on my door when I'm doing my yoga. I was thinking something like those ones you get in hotels that tell others 'do not disturb', but slightly more awesome and pretty and relaxing... and kind. <3
How this could happen: I could research on it (etsy?). I  could look at how to make one myself (I have a small idea of what I want, but it might take a few hours of planning and process). Or someone could give me a hint! All the same, into the pot it goes.
My commitment: To my yoga and it's wondrous effects! To groundedness and mindfulness.

Thing Three: Exam Study/Process
What I want: With this want, I just feel that I need a little support with continuing through my exam processes, since Xin will be  away (Egypt, England, Scotland - oh my!) and I usually get so stressed that I end up very sick.
How this could happen: I think I'm making good progress, with my yoga and meditation and planning, but I could use breaks and motivators. Friends could ask me round for tea, or just check-in every now and then. The Universe could provide a beautiful thing to work towards (I have a couple already, but more is always better), and the weather could remain relatively lovely so I can go outside during breaks and get some fresh air.
My commitment: To taking regular breaks. To check in with myself and make sure I'm treating myself well. To enjoy it as much as I can! To remember what I'm working towards - the bigger picture!

Previous wants...
Last time, I asked for relief. It was a bit of a long-time coming, but it's been great since it got here. The stress has passed (for the most part), and my existing rituals are definitely helping. I need to focus a bit more on cultivating mindfulness and care, but I'm feeling mostly content lately. <3

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