Monday, July 18, 2011
I've been asked by my gentleman friend Xin to post my current wishlist and update it as possible. So here we go!


  • Buddhist Society of WA Membership Renewal (REALLY overdue) - $33
  • Year of the horse coin bank - $1
  • Peppermint Magazine Subscription Renewal - $44
  • T2 Tea Cup ~$20
  • Dramacon Ultimate Edition Book (So far I can only find the English version on Amazon - reasonably priced, but p&h is a bitch... blah. T_T)
  • EDIT: I realised I also really need some more film for my Fujifilm Instax Mini... I usually buy bulk because it saves me money in the end (Ebay, etc...) So currently best price is 10 packs (10 films each = 100 films) for $81.99 with free p&h here - camera-girl, or 5 packs for $40.00 with $15.00 p&h here - eTech store. Obviously the 100 packs is cheaper, but you know... $82.... O.o
  • Inheritance preorder by Christopher Paolini - Book Depository ~$22
  • Gotye - Making Mirrors album preorder - jb hifi ~$20
  • Sudden urge for O.P.I. Pink-ing of You Nailpolish... It's so adorable... not a very good reason for wanting something. XD
EDIT TWO: 20/07/2011: Just going to add some things and italicise some that I don't want as much/can't get access to anymore.

EDIT THREE: 05/08/2011: Removing some thing that I'm really not fussed about these days (yay?) and adding one... maybe editing others too! XD

EDIT FOUR: 10/08/2011: I bought the Making Mirrors preorder for myself! The DELUXE edition, no less! Signed copy of the CD, plus a DVD with music videos and the MAKING OF Making Mirrors and such. And a free song! For $22~~ (can you tell I'm excited??)


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