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Wednesday, May 4, 2011
Okayyyyyy. Let's do this.


what i want.
what with all the burning out and sick and upsetting that is going on in my space lately, i feel like i could really use a base of lovely people to just support me. i need the loveliness to lift me up and hold me while i work through these things.

how this could happen.
some lovely people that i know could randomly text me, or they could see this blog post and say to themselves 'hey, i know she thinks i'm lovely' and THEN text me. XD

i could find new support in other areas, like new books or someone that randomly pops into my field of love.

people who are currently being unsupportive could suddenly become more so (i believe this could happen, because it's already happened once this week). i could find support in some of my favourite places - like Havi Broooks, Elsie Flannigan, etc. (my favourite bloggers).

my commitment.
i will wait, and i will continue to trust.
i will try to see the small things that people do without desperately yelling for the big things.
i will be my own friend, and my own lovely person.


what i want.
i think with all this straining and needing, i'd like an opportunity after it's all over just to have fun. i want to dance and flail and cuddle and be surrounded by people that i love. i want to feel the bubbles inside me, and i want to feel loved.

how this could happen.
i could organise to go out with people, or someone could see this and organise something for me. or we could co-organise things!

it doesn't even have to be one single outing. i wouldn't mind just heading to friends houses and watching pretty movies and eating popcorn and maybe being in pajamas! or i could tag along with some other people when they go to Sin (a lot of my friends go there) and have fun that way... although i'm not great with clubs. XD

my commitment.
to realise that other people have stuff too, and to honour that.
to make my own fun if others aren't able to. to reach out.

aaand posting. XD

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