Sexology Individual Paper: Complete

Sunday, May 1, 2011
Well hello there! I've been working busily away (as previous entries show) and have just managed to complete my paper. I'm probably going to give it one final read before I start getting it all prettified for submission, and also before submitting it online. However, it is done.

I'm sitting here (longing to go on Facebook but not..XD) drinking lemonade (something I don't often do!!) and it just reminds me so much of weekends and visits to my grandparents house. This house has now been long sold, and my Grandad has been gone for four years now? I think. My Nana moved to a smaller place nearer to her kids, but I'll always remember looking at the garden and Nana's tadpoles, or sitting on Grandad's lap while he made me laugh. And drinking lemonade as a special treat from the outdoor fridge.

Those days seem to be filled with sunshine and warmth... and cheese and salad sandwiches. XD And dogs!

I'm currently in chill out mode. I'm feeling quite relaxed and happy about how my paper went, and just a touch stressed about the next thing I need to work on. However, one major assignment down, only one other written one and two presentations! Plus two reflection papers, which are pretty easy. ^_^

I hope this week is a nice week.


  1. I'm really glad you're still blogging baby! I'm sorry I read so intermittently.

    Although I don't have many memories with my grandparents, I think I know the nostalgic, innocent feeling you're describing. I'm glad that you remember them.

    Congratulations on finishing your assignment baby! Now that that's done, I'm happy to help you in any way I can <3

  2. thanks baby <3 it's so wonderful to have your consistent support and love. <3

    I might be calling on that support a little bit more if I may, but do let me know if it becomes too much <3


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