E-WINDOW SHOPPING: for the love of elephants...

Friday, May 20, 2011
well, I was home alone for most of the day today, and I needed a decent way to distract myself from how icky and horrible and sad I was feeling (may mention more of that later..). so I turned to internet window shopping on Etsy! for elephant-related paraphernalia!! Yay! here are some of the things I loved...

Beautiful Elephant parade ring! I adore how the elephants look on this... they look like they're trotting along without a care in the world... ^_^ (found here)

Look at this gorgeous necklace... The elephant head looks so wise.. ehehe. and the stone is lapis lazuli! So beautiful!! (found here)

Such a gorgeous bracelet... Love the way it closes... <3 (found here)

gorgeous big elephant pillow!! don't you just want to squish it?? (found here)

and finally a beautiful elephant print!! I just adore this so much.... (found here)

Goodness I loveeeeee elephants... <3 <3 They're such beautiful, intelligent, and wonderfully weird creatures. ^________________^

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