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Friday, May 6, 2011
With respect two of my favourite livejournal posters (and friends), I've decided to put together a list of my own strengths. I'm so happy that other people are doing this - it can be an eye-opening, but hard, experience to acknowledge your own strengths in life. So, wish me luck. I've only done this once before, and that was... two years ago?

bethwyn's strengths.

1. I deal with pain everyday. and i continue to pick myself back up and deal with it tomorrow.
2. i'm mature, and try to understand my own behaviours and those around me for what they are.
3. i allow myself to experience my emotions and meet myself where i am. it helps me to love others.
4. i tend to learn quickly, and i can be quite intelligent when i'm not feeling too sick. the sick clouds the intelligence. XD
5. i try to maintain and enjoy the experience of having meaningful relationships with a many people. i'm not afraid to open myself up to the people that seem right.
6. i'm actually a pretty good writer when i do it. XD
7. i love pursuing new things! i have an open mind about lots of different pursuits - playing saxophone, piano, clarinet; crochet, knitting, sewing; writing; art; martial arts; alternative medicine; nutrition; yoga, meditation, tai chi; buddhism and other religions; cooking and BAKING.
8. i am a voracious reader. i can't get enough of books and stories. i adore nothing more than vanishing into another tome, and i take an almost childlike glee in books and anything book-related.
9. i'm optimistic! life can give you lots of things, and i try to maintain optimism because of past experience. (unfortunately this means that i don't have much patience for pessimists, but shh)
10. i'm good at resting! it was a long time coming, but i know how to relax and get through whatever is affecting me when it's needed.
11. i try really hard. i keep getting back up. i admire this in myself.

I believe there might be more, but I'm getting embarrassed. And awkward. XD Plus I'm still trying to get some work done while resting  (another migraine today, along with multiple other ickyness things...), and I'd like to get a bit more done before I turn what's left of my brain off for the night. much love!

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