This post. It shall be split in two.

Saturday, February 12, 2011
This Post. Part One.

I'm going to do another Havi Brooks' thing today (because, let's be honest, she's awesome.) A Friday Chicken post. I should have done this yesterday, yes. But it's a BELATED Friday Chicken post, since I was too exhausted yesterday to really think about what I was doing.

 Friday Chicken #1: my week. it was crazy.
For more on Friday Chicken posts, please see it's original creator (Havi Brooks) and her Friday Chickens here)
The hard stuff.
Plod plod..
I had a couple of days, or times in days, that I was so slow moving and owie that I could barely do anything except stare in a vegetable-like manner at the tv, or  attempt to read a book.

This may have been because of medication, or upcoming period times, or even just general exhaustion.

My usual social phobic self reared it's head a couple of times this week, with the result that I felt awkward and insecure around certain groups of people, or certain people. It made me feel frustrated and grumpy and sad.

My Gentleman (Xin) and I had a couple of disagreements over the last weekend, mostly resulting from both of us feeling tired, strained and hot. We resolved them fairly well, though, so everything's okay. 

Having to make hard choices and think about icky things.
I'm having to come to some big decisions and resolutions, and it's taking its toll on my emotions. I feel drained from thinking about these things, but they're something I need to keep thinking about, so I'm dealing with it.
I believe I'm going to have to have some big discussions with people soon about these decisions, and that fills me with expectant anxiety and a touch of dread. So I may have to come up with a fun or alternative way to do it so that I feel less harassed.

The good stuff.
Pretty op-shop things.
  I've been having lots of luck with finding beautiful and kooky op-shop things, and for some reason this fills me with joy. I get to wear such lovely things these days!

Lots of reading material.
Not much makes me happier than that.

Toozdays are Snoozdays.
I have pretty much come to the conclusion that most Tuesdays should be about me (and partly about my little puppy, Bronte, because I puppysit on a Tuesday). I require resting, good food (or bad food), lots of snuggles with my puppy or my toy elephant, and general joy. Tuesdays  are Bethwyn days.

I've managed to spend lots of delicious time with friends this week, and plenty of time with Xin, too. It fills my heart with joy. And loveliness.

Tai Chi!
I started Tai Chi on Monday!! And I really really loved it. It immediately made me feel better. I loved the slow, careful movement and the focus that is required. I feel that, given time and practice, I could become quite proficient at it.

This Post. Part Two.

So, now that I've done my belated Friday Chicken, I'd like to talk about today.

Unfortunately I woke up today with a sore throat and a slight cold, so I was extremely reluctant to get up, even though Xin and I were both extremely excited about where we were going this morning. Eventually (through coaxing and loves) I dragged my sore body out of bed and got ready to go.

You see, today was the second meeting up of Fight Club.

Not a real Fight Club, you understand, but a group of people getting together to spar. Everyone had different martial arts backgrounds, and it was supremely interesting to see the different styles in use. I, as you can maybe tell, was not involved in the sparring, but took the photos and most of the videos. I really enjoy this role because I get to use a  friend's camera (such a beautiful device) and I have such interesting subjects to photograph. I eagerly await these photos being uploaded to the internets.

The rest of the day was spent nursing my new sunburn (still not sure how that happened, but, regardless of whether I'm in the full shade or not next time, I'M WEARING SUNSCREEN.) and my headcold, and reading a book I recently borrowed out of the library about the oral contraceptive pill.

I must be honest, the data from testing presented in this book are... alarming. I have been considering for a time coming off the pill, since I knew it interferes with my natural hormones in an undesirable manner, but I never imagined that so many other women had suffered so much with contraception. I feel the need to research the sources for this book (once I finish reading it) and then discuss things with my doctor.

Part of my Journey, I have realised, is to ensure that I maintain my body and health and emotions in the most natural way possible. I don't think my body will accept any less, given it's past reactions to things. My one true worry about coming off the pill is that it is giving me more control over the development of ovarian cysts. I have had two collapses because of these, and I do not wish to experience a third if I can avoid it. But is the pill my only choice?

Anyway. I'll finish the book and then get back to you on this. Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. ^_^

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